Artwork Approval Guidelines

QUOTING / CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL / PRODUCTION OF WORK: Quotes & work are based on information on use & other requirements supplied by the customer. Quotes are valid for 60 days from date of issue. To accept a quote, please reply with your approval to proceed and attach any accompanying artwork or examples required.  It remains the client’s responsibility to proof-read through all the artwork, documents, and details. Once the client has accepted the proof, by signing, verbal ok or by email or fax, the client accepts responsibility & liability for the work & any errors, omissions, or other detail of the job. Whilst every effort is made to meet deadlines & due dates, material supplied & production factors may cause unforeseen delays. The Copy Centre does not accept any responsibility or liability incurred by these factors. Colours on screen do not accurately represent colours that will print. These are better represented via printed proofs available at the Copy Centre. Colours do vary from machines/systems/software/processes. The Copy Centre makes every effort to closely reproduce colours, but colours can & do vary.

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